Monday, February 18, 2008

Yarny Holiday

I zoomed over to the Eastside today to get my knit-on with a few friends. Because of the President's Day holiday, the freeways were empty! What a pleasure! There was much yarn flyin' around the Coffee Bean this morning. Many of the ladies are knitting the "Lenore" Sock by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, among other beautiful items.
Mary Jo's "Lenore" Socks
Mary's "Lenore" Socks
Melise's "Monkey" Socks
Marie's Baby Blanket
Madge's "Cobblestone" Sweater
Wen's working on something blue...a hat?
Mary Jo's Noro Kureyon Hat
The most stylin' chick @ Knit Group Today.....Sweetie Girl!
'm working on a sweater for my Mom. When we were choosing yarn for Mom's cardigan, I tried to steer her toward the light-weight wools or silky cottons. Mom wasn't having any of that. She dislikes wool. Says it's just too hot to wear in SoCal. Mom zoomed in on a nice mocha/taupe color yarn. Naturally, she liked the 100% virgin acrylic, Red Heart! Gee....I was trying to make Mom a really soft, nice sweater. Oh no...she wanted the Red Heart and that was that! 3 skeins later, at the cost of $9 and change, we walked out of the store. As long as she's happy. I'm not a yarn snob, that's for sure. Now, you know where I get it from!
I worked on the sweater today. Mary Jo was nice enough to try on the WIP so I could check the size. This is actually a modified adult version of that 5-Hour Baby Sweater I've been knitting. I think it looks good. Definitely, a "Mom" sweater. Thanks for modeling, M.J.

Mom's Cardigan - Work In Progress
Model, Mary Jo



At 8:19 PM PST, Blogger Kath said...

I'm certainly not a yarn snob either - I can't afford to be. The sweater is looking quite nice and really, one washing and that Red Heart should soften up nicely!

At 8:21 PM PST, Blogger mary said...

What a fun time we had! And Sweetie Girl says, "I like the picture!" Thanks for being so hospitable with my Sweeties. It was great seeing and knitting with you, as always.

At 8:41 AM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Yay for holidays filled with friends and yarn! Even Red Heart. Bwahaha. Always great fun knitting with you and MJ.


At 1:33 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the sweetie pie hat! I saw the pattern on Madge's blog and am anxious to make one for myself. Do you think Rowan Big Wool would work as a replacement yarn? I'm really bad at doing the math for substitutions!

Christine G.


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