Friday, November 07, 2008

More Tea Please

Crocheted Tea Cozy....Mystery Wool
I whipped up another tea cozy a couple of weeks ago. This one will be a Christmas gift for our lovely neighbors, Rosina and Nic. You met them a few days ago right here on "L.A. Is My Beat."

We were at their place for dinner last month....Rosina served tea and I asked her if she had a cozy? No. Aha! Perfect gift for the British neighbors! I borrowed Rosina's Laura Ashley teapot and started to create. I had a bit of navy blue mystery wool and some leaf green and white wool from KnitPicks. I've made many hats that look just like this cozy, except for the holes for the spout and handle. It was quick to crochet and I'll probably make another one for my own teapot.

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know if you're knitting and crocheting holiday gifts too! I could use a few more ideas!



At 7:52 PM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

She is going to love it. The colors are perfect.

At 10:40 PM PST, Blogger mehitabel said...

What a great tea cozy!! I think I might have to work one up myself--I did get a new teapot!
We are going to be making a lot of gifts this year, since it's otherwise going to be a thin holiday. Daughter's store is closing (Mervyn's) so she is job hunting, but it's tough times; other daughter and her husband are just crossing their fingers. So back to the handcrafts! I think it would be fun to share ideas!


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