Thursday, April 02, 2009

No Calendar...Just Yarn

"The Famous Hollywood Sign"
Painting by Tom Brown

Since we were out of town last weekend, I'm playing catch-up this weekend. I've got a million things to time to research L.A.'s vast calendar of events. Here are some good sites to check out if you're looking for an L.A. activity:
Yesterday, I had a strong urge to go to Wild Fiber on my lunch hour. I love working in Santa Monica, but the fact that I'm a short driving distance to at least 5 LYS's is not good for my credit card. I like to check WF's back room once in awhile. Yesterday, they had some questionable colors of Koigu yarn for half-price. I dug around and found 6 skeins of this color combo!!! Gorgeous! I think it will be just enough for a lovely little shawlette!
See you tonight at the WeHo SnB!

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At 2:44 PM PDT, Anonymous Jill B. said...

Oh man, I'm not buying yarn for a couple more weeks and then all the sale Koigu will be gone! Love that yellow!

At 4:21 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said...

Score! What a great find. I'm trying to do some recession-style knitting and use up some things in my stash, but one of these days if I can't stand it any more I'll have to get back to Wild Fiber's back room!

At 4:25 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Jill and Sarah!

Yes, I did score some great Koigu...not that I really NEEEEED any more yarn!

Good news. Teri @ Wild Fiber told me that there will be MORE KOIGU in the back room in the weeks to come, as soon as WF announces their spring sale. They do have fantastic sales!

At 12:30 AM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

oooh......... pretty! I must try to make another trip to Wild Fiber one day. I love that place :)

All I need to do is convince hubby that we "absolutely must" make a trip to L.A. Somehow I can't see him agreeing to a 11 hour flight just so I can go yarn shopping!


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