Friday, August 07, 2009

Concert on the SM Pier

This is Vintage Photo Friday. I've been scouring the internets for a vintage photo of the original Hot Dog on a Stick stand on Ocean Front Walk, next to the Santa Monica Pier. Alas, I have come up empty-handed. This vintage photo of Party Dogs, below, will have to suffice.
I want to go to this party! In fact, this just may be my next party menu!
Last night I met Larry at Hot Dog on a Stick before attending a concert on the Pier. There are many franchised Hot Dog on a Stick businesses in malls across Southern California, but to have a corndog from the original stand (1946) is truly historic. The Pier was bustling last night. We ordered our dogs and FRESH lemonades and sat on a bench near the stand and ate our dinner. It was yummy!

The Twilight Dance Series on the Santa Monica Pier has been goin' on now for 25 years. I'm sure I attended the first concert. In those days, my old buddy, Billy Vera and his band, The Beaters were always the first band of the season. When I worked at KPCC-Radio, I used to emcee some of the concerts. The concerts got more and more popular and more crowded. We haven't attended in the past 5 years or so because of the crowds. Also, my fave SnB is on Thursday nights.

We didn't want to miss Dave Alvin and Guilty Women on the SM Pier! Of course, we'd seen Dave with his usual band, The Guilty Men, many times....they're always great! I was intrigued by Dave's change of personnel. The Guilty Women rock! Get the new CD or download it!

This was also a radio reunion of sorts. I used to be a blues d.j. on KPCC-FM (before they switched to an all-talk format in 2000). The man who hired me at KPCC was Rene Engel. He's the organizer of the SM Pier Concerts. Also on hand, two more radio co-workers, Matt Wright and Mia Karnatz.

L.A. Ell and Mia the K

Mia and Rene

Many of our other friends from the roots-music community were backstage too: radio d.j.'s, Kat Griffin, Alan Larman, musicians Rick Shea, Paul Lacques, Marty Rifkin and more. It was a great concert and a wonderful mini-reunion.

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women (plus one Guilty Man, Greg Liesz)

Dave Alvin

This was the first time that I'd seen so many people on the beach, just south of the Pier. There were groups of people with tables, chairs, candles and dinner. They couldn't see the stage, but they could definitely hear the concert as they dined. Great idea!

Picnic on the Beach

We had a wonderful time on the Santa Monica Pier. This is the 100th anniversary of the Pier. Get down to the beach this weekend and enjoy it! Have a marvelous weekend everyone!

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At 2:38 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

That looks like a great night.

I love the party dogs sticking out of the cabbage. with the sauce in the top. Too much! They really knew how to party back in the day.

At 4:12 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen, I had a feeling you were there! So was I - I tried keeping an eye out for you. It was a fantastic show. I love Dave, and the Guilty Women are all absolutely stellar.

At 8:21 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for enlightening me about the Dave Alvin record. I was sadly behind on that.
Too bad we are not zillionaires; I would really like to take the Sept train trip tour with Mr Alvin and the Flatlanders!
Lisa in Toronto
p.s. did you ever think about doing internet radio, or a podcast?

At 10:58 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Lisa in Toronto!
Yes, Dave Alvin has been one of my all-time fave musicians for about 25 years. Believe me, I would have loved to hock my house and taken that train trip with Flatlanders too. I have some friends that are going. I heard that the tour sold out in about 4 hours!

I think my radio days are over whether they be internet or podcast. I just don't want to dedicate the amount of time that it takes to program a two-hour radio show. I'm too busy with my yarny adventures! Thanks for asking.

At 6:15 AM PDT, Anonymous donna said...

Can I come to your party? Love the photos.


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