Tuesday, October 06, 2009


We left Grants, New Mexico this morning, after photographing some very cool old Route 66 signs. We headed toward Arizona. We saw all kinds of interesting things along the road.I helped with the driving a bit, so I couldn't work on my latest WIP, a blue cardigan with some of that faboo Plain & Fancy wool from Texas that I purchased this past weekend at the Taos Wool Festival.
We landed in Flagstaff, Arizona, checked into our hotel and relaxed a bit. On Jeff's and Audrey's suggestion, we drove over to the Horsemen's Lodge for dinner. This place is a real throw-back. It really looks like a hunting lodge. There are taxidermied animals all over the place. The food is steak, ribs, etc. Dinner was delicious and the ambiance was highly entertaining. Tomorrow we're going to historical Flagstaff again. We were there on our first night, but didn't really get to explore the area. Not sure where we'll end up tomorrow night. We are getting closer to Los Angeles. Even though we're having a great trip, I am looking forward to coming back to the City I love.

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At 9:47 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Did you go inside the Yellowhorse? That looks scary and interesting at the same time.

LOvelovelove the blue yarn!

At 7:24 AM PDT, Blogger Beth McDermott Oliver said...

Wow, what a great travelog (travelog, like ranchotel) you've created. When I was a kid in Illinois we traveled Route 66 annually to see my grandparents in AZ - my, the old route has changed. Thanks for the memories!
Beth O.

At 2:23 PM PDT, Anonymous donna said...

I will miss your adventures once you are home! I know what you mean about getting back. There is no place like home!

At 2:36 PM PDT, Anonymous donna said...

I love your necklace!

At 7:16 PM PDT, Blogger Jean said...

What a hoot! The old signs just really bring back memories of traveling this highway during my childhood. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


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