Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

OMG! I almost forgot! It's Vintage Photo Friday!
In one hour Larry and I will be at the L.A. Eyeworks sale. I can't wait to see all of the new/old eyeglass frames. As you can see, Mr. Larry has been wearing eyeglasses for a very long time. He's an expert!!

I'm thrilled to have him as my personal eyeglass consultant. See you there my four-eyed friends!

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At 10:05 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Larry really knows how to rock geek chic. What a looker.

At 11:44 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be back to the VPF next Friday. I promise. I think there are only a couple of us left. It is funny that you posted the photos of the ever changing styles of eyeglasses. My daughter and I were going through photos yesterday and laughing at how BIG some of our glasses were. Hope you had fun at the eye glass thingy!

At 2:38 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said...

I caught a glimpse of Larry happily leaving the sale on Friday while I was in the WAY back of the line. I didn't want to lose my spot, otherwise I would have told him I recognized him from your blog! :) Once I finally got in, I picked up a pair for myself, and a pair for my mom. What a fun sale!

At 12:30 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry is the STAR of your blog!



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