Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reunion Committee

Beverly Hills High School

I'm coming up on a BIG high school reunion next year. I'm on the reunion committee. It has been fun getting together with old friends, remembering our youth. Last night was our second meeting. The meetings are like organized chaos. After we've gossiped a bit and settled down, we start discussing all of the tasks to accomplish in order to put on a great reunion party. It's a ton of work! Of course, most of the discussions end up in side-discussions which end up in chaos again. I was exhausted last night after our meeting!

Our school mascot is "Joe Norman"
The architecture of BHHS is likened to Normandy, France
painting by Gary Priester

Since I sit at my computer all day, I volunteered to try and find our old friends. This is not as difficult as it was for past reunions. We have the internet now! Once I find someone's e-mail address or locate them on Facebook, I e-mail them and tell them all about our upcoming reunion and direct them to our alumni website. Many of our classmates live in Europe, China and other faraway places. Most, however still live in California. A surprising number live right here in the Los Angeles area!

BHHS Reunion Committee - October 2009

We had a class of 538 graduates. We're hoping for at least 200 to show up at next year's reunion. Have you attended your high school class reunion? How was it? What special entertainment or activities did your party have? Inquiring minds need to know. We NEED hints and tips!

BHHS Reunion Committee - November 2009
we look pretty good for a group of old people!

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At 3:21 PM PST, Anonymous Danny said...

I hated my 20th high school reunion so much that I took control of organizing our 30th a few years ago. We had it in the school cafeteria (at my public high school in Chicago) and it was a blast! That was right before Facebook hit (which would've made things so much easier). As opposed to the 10th and 20th reunions which were held in fancy hotels, this one was very casual. We had great Chicago pizza and also special candy from our decade (the 1970s) that you can get online through a nostalgia candy site. I put together a printed souvenir program for the event which I'd be happy to share with you.

But here's the really important question: which celebrity's kids did you have in your class at BHHS?

At 3:31 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Y'all look GREAT.

I only went to one reunion (10th). No one had changed much and it reminded me of how much I hated HS. Haven't looked back since.

Clearly, you graduated with a higher class of people.

At 4:19 PM PST, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I have gone to both my 10th and 20th. Other than a cocktail hour and the usual--"who traveled farthest?" "Who has the most kids?" kind of things, we didn't have entertainment.

After our 20th, though, most of us ended up at a hotel bar where one of the gal's husband played in a band. Also, I drank a bit and may or may not have had a wardrobe malfunction.

I don't recommend that.

At 6:32 PM PST, Anonymous tobpa said...

I,too, live close to my alma mater here in PA, and have had a blast re-connecting with old friends...hence the birth of the "Martini Group" which began at our 35th as the committee celebrated the evening! We had door prizes that we asked attendees to donate (we had chain restaurant coupons, a night at a B&B owned by a classmate, some nostalgic memorabilia ) It was fun! The cliques and groups were gone, and it was just fun. We had the DJ playing "our" songs, and took pics of the groups from the various elem schools that joined to make our high school class! One year we asked for pics that never made it to the yearbook...that was a HOOT!

Just like the old girl scout song.."Make new friends, but keep the old"..events like this make you treasure those who share your memories! Have fun!

At 8:05 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey! Thanks for all of the ideas, everyone!
Tobpa...I love the idea of asking class member to donate raffle items!
Danny...I will be contacting you about the souvenier book!

At 8:14 PM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

I, too, only went to the 10 year and skipped the 20 year.

No doubt you will put together a fab reunion.

At 9:12 PM PST, Blogger betty said...

You all look fabulous! Must be that So-Cal living. I believe I went to the 10th, 20th, and 30th year reunions. I cannot say that I loved them, but for some reason I felt compelled to go out of curiosity.

At 9:15 PM PST, Blogger carlita dee said...

I, three or four, went to my 10 year and not the 25 year. All I recall is that people kept wanting to do stuff together all weekend, and that was a drag. I left high school for a reason.

I'm looking forward to your posts on reunion developments and party plans. I'll probably have more fun at your reunion than I did at mine, lol.

At 9:28 AM PST, Anonymous AL said...

If you are planning the event, I recommend using online registration to collect the money upfront for those that plan to attend so you all will know what kind of budget you are working with. They fill out information, pay online with the credit card and you aren't worried about receiving checks in the mail. The risk is guess who is out the money if nobody shows or pays. I've heard horror stories about people never paying and the reunions cost a fortune with bands, food, renting a facility. www.theregisterpros.com is one I recently came across which doesn't charge to set-up or ongoing fees and is perfect for class reunions. Best of luck!


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