Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bon Ton Crochet Roulet!

Heath Ceramics, 7525 Beverly Blvd., L.A.
Mardi Gras is upon us! This weekend at the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax, there will be a terrific Mardi Gras celebration on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Check out the events.
Ellen, Carol & Beth
Crocheted Mardi Gras Feast by Clare Crespo

In anticipation of the Mardi Gras season, Carol, Beth and I stopped at Heath Ceramics on Sunday to see Clare Crespo's wonderful crocheted Mardi Gras feast! It was truly delicious and yarny. On top of Clare's exhibit, we got to tour the Heath Ceramics store. Whoa! What a beautiful space, full of fantastic ceramics. Note to friends: Next present for Ellen...go to Heath Ceramics!

After the exhibit, we walked a few blocks east to Kokomo Cafe and had a lovely lunch before retiring to my house where we crocheted the afternoon away, stopping a bit to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Kokomo's Chinese Chicken Salad

Kokomo's Tuna Melt w/Sweet Potato Fries

Kokomo's Cobb Omelette

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At 5:50 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

Looks yummy, especially the Chinese chicken salad.

At 6:21 PM PST, Blogger Sarah said...

My parents were in town this weekend, so we strolled on over to Heath Ceramics on Sunday as well. A lot of fun!


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