Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Art-Filled Weekend

"Read Between the Lines", Painted 3-D Relief on Canvas by Dennis Larkins
Larry and I went to multiple art shows this past weekend. On Friday we were at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood to see the artwork of our friend, Dennis Larkins. Larry has photographed Dennis' work for publication. We also visited Dennis and his wife, Debra in Santa Fe when we were there last October.
Artist, Dennis Larkins and Photographer, Larry Underhill

Dennis' paintings are three-dimensional, on canvas, usually with an alien and/or space age theme. He has a long history in illustration and has recently published a book about his work.
I do love going to La Luz / Wacko. The book section is amazing. You'll find titles at Wacko that you'll never see at any normal bookstore! There are also a wonderful selection of cards, gifts, accessories and more!

One of the other artists also showing at La Luz is Scott Hove. "Iced Out" is part of his "Cakeland" series. He has constructed these huge cake sculptures. Some of the cakes have teeth and weird baby heads in them. From far away the cakes look beautiful, but when you get up close you can see the animal teeth and more. Cool and strange.
"Baby Cakes" by Scott Hove

On Saturday, Larry and I headed over to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica for the MOPLA (Month of Photography in L.A.). This was a multi-gallery exhibit of all different types of photographs...some of L.A., some of other places. Samy's Camera set up a photo booth which was fun. There was this painted travel trailer that turned into a multi-media projection booth and showed different photos of L.A. by various photographers, curated by Helen K. Garber.
Travel Trailer Projection Booth

We walked into a few other galleris that night too. I particularly liked Liz Craft's work using fiber and metal screens.

Artwork by Liz Craft

The gourmet taco trucks were in full force at Bergamot. It was really a scene, man!

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At 4:19 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

WOW. I love each of these you showcased, but particularly BabyCakes. Beautiful yet disturbing.


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