Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Photo Friday - Passover Prep

Jay Bartels' Family Passover Seder, 1964
I found this photo online of a family Passover Seder from 1964. This is the typical huge family gathering. Notice the folding tables and mismatched chairs set up in the living room. It's crowded, people are holding their heads in pain. The overly sweet Passover wine is giving everyone a headache. It's always warm on Jewish holidays....Oy! Too much fatty and carb-laden food has been eaten. Pass the seltzer!!!
This coming Monday night at sundown, Passover begins. We're having our big family Seder early this year so that all of the out-of-town relatives can attend. We're meeting at my cousins Carolyn's and John's house in Valencia Saturday evening for the big event.
I've cobbled together a "script" of sorts of the traditional Passover Haggadah or service. It includes all the highlights of the story of how Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, away from the evil Pharoahs, songs and more. We take turns reading. It's a super family effort. We come from all corners of California to spend this special night together. Tomorrow there should be almost 30 people in attendance! That's a lotta matzoh!

Our traditional Seder Plate and Hollywood-Style Haggadah

Basically, my cousins, Carolyn, Marilyn and I cook the meal. Others contribute to the decor, table settings and to the service. It's a family ritual. Our menu has stayed about the same for the past 15 years or so. We have gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, matzoh with charoses and bitter herbs, lokshen kugel, fruit compote, spinach/corn casserole, chicken Marbella and an assortment of macaroons and other Passover desserts. Of course, the traditional Manischevitz Wine is served too....grape juice for the kids.

I hope you have a joyous weekend and a wonderful Passover and Easter.

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At 2:14 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a good family celebration, Ellen.


At 4:34 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Sounds just right!I love that you have 30 family members gathering..

At 5:59 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

Have a good time!
We sing Let My People Go at the seder I attend, but there is no Charlton Heston.
(Do you have the plague finger puppets?)
Lisa in Toronto

At 8:03 AM PDT, Blogger soulsearcher said...

happy passover!...aside from this vintage photos on passover, i would love to see videos..collection of memories so to speak..then stored in a dvd-r
and given to friends...cheers!..

At 10:58 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy passover! A friend of ours in our sewing group is going to bring passover goodies on Wednesday to share with the group.


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