Monday, September 27, 2010

Beverly Grove

"Beverly Grove" Potholder

I like to name my gift potholders for the name of the street where the giftees live. So far, I've crocheted Perlita, Courtney, Bel Aire and many swap potholders.
I recently gifted my friend, Beth with two potholders. One is kinda' plain and just called "Blue and Yellow Potholder," the other is a bit more fancy and required a fancy name. Well, Beth lives on a number street. I can't just call a potholder "4th" or "5th" or "22nd." So, I looked to the "Mapping L.A." section of the L.A. Times website for clarification. Awhile back, the Times gave different neighborhoods identifying names. Of course, many within certain neighborhoods complained about the names and the boundaries of the 'hoods, including me, but at least the Times tried.

Left - "Beverly Grove"; Right - Plain Potholder

So, I determined that Beth lives in the Beverly Grove section of Los Angeles, hence the name "Beverly Grove Potholder."

Happy belated Birthday, Beth!

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At 5:34 PM PDT, Blogger Ben said...

Hey, I worked on developing the Mapping LA website, and this really made my day! I just posted it to our Facebook page at

At 7:42 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love the colors in the Beverly Grove one. You started me on a roll- both my sisters requested granny square scarves.

At 4:59 AM PDT, Blogger Erica said...

Beautiful potholders! Love your vintage work - I don't think I ever commented on your recent pineapple, but that thing is incredible.

I like the idea of naming crochet creations. I never have before, have always just named them by the recipient and the actual pattern name (like Mary's Granny or whatever). But the street name is a good idea! It makes the gift feel more personal, like you're actually giving it up for adoption to a good home :-)

At 4:01 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I love the name - it fits perfectly.

At 5:30 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

Love it!! It turned out very well and beautiful! Lucky Beth!


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