Monday, April 11, 2011

Cruisin' to Bob's

On Saturday, Larry dusted off his vintage Falcon Ranchero and we zoomed to Downey for an L.A. Conservancy/Facebook event at Bob's Big Boy Broiler. The story of the restoration of the Broiler can be found here.

Bob's Broiler is a beautiful example of roadside "Googie" architecture. Many of the original elements are still there, enhanced by the addition of period materials to the newer construction. I love the interior colors and materials so much, that I kinda' want to live there OR re-do my entire house with terrazzo flooring, avocado, gold and cream colors and rocky mountain stone walls!

We arrived to see a few vintage cars in the parking lot. Later that day a Shelby Mustang event was happening. In a dining area near the entrance to Bob's we found our L.A. Conservancy friends. Everyone was ordering lunch from the "Special Menu." Because this was specifically a Conservancy event, Bob's gave us 10% off on all of our meals!

Praise the Lowered! Vintage Cadillacs, Bob's Broiler Parking Lot, Downey

L.A. Conservancy Staff and Friends

Lunch was good. Larry had the standard Bob's Big Boy double-decker hamburger with fries. I ordered the "Shroom Burger" from the special menu. It was a particularly tasty burger...almost as good as fancy burgers I've had at Umami and Golden State!

Double-Decker Burger
"Shroom" Burger

The juke box was free and we were all playing tunes from the 1950's and 60's until a doo wop group showed up to entertain us! This is a newly formed group of 3 guys, all of them blind. The name of the group is.......Outta Sight! They were pretty good too. We were sitting with my ol' radio friend, Bill Gardner. Bill's show on KPFK, Rhapsody in Black, broadcasts every Friday from 8-10pm. Bill's show used to follow our show when we were all on KPCC-Radio, back in the old days. We agreed that Outta Sight had an authentic sound.

original Rocky Mountain Stone wall in the background

After lunch and the mini-concert, we walked around and photographed some of the vintage cars and Bob, of course. It was a fun trip down memory lane for a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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At 9:47 AM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Looks like a "swell" time!

At 12:31 PM PDT, Blogger Susan Dilger said...

So jealous!!!! Sounds like a perfect day to me!!

At 4:49 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

You and Larry have the most fun. That hamburger looks divine....I still haven't eaten yet...can ya tell?


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