Wednesday, May 04, 2011

On the Road

80's "Mall-chitecture"

We took off Tuesday morning for Las Vegas. It was a surprisingly fast trip. We stopped for lunch in Barstow, did a bit a shopping and got to our destination by 3-ish!

Las Vegas has changed a lot since out last visit, about 5 years ago. We saw skyscraper hotels we'd never seen before. There were also half-finished buildings all over town, stalled by the failing economy. We plan to tour around town more today.

Our gracious hosts, Jacquie and Bob have a sweet casita far from the LV Strip. They prepared a wonderful dinner for us last night, chili with all the fixin's, a beautiful salad and this extremely interesting cupcake-cake!!

Jacquie's Bible Cookbook

Looking forward to our adventures today!

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At 7:46 AM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

Is that an In-N-Out burger I spy?

Have a great time! I haven't been to Vegas since the late 80s, so I'm sure I would not recognize it at all!

At 1:42 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

So is that a cake or a cupcake frosted together?

Enjoy your vacation - will yarn be purchased?

At 12:22 PM PDT, Blogger Z said...

In N Out Burger is everywhere...heeheee.

How was the cupcake cake? Looks delicious!


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