Thursday, May 19, 2011


I crocheted the cover for this pillow last year, but never listed it on my Project Page on Ravelry! I became so accustomed to seeing the pillow everyday on our couch, that I didn't even see it anymore! Does that happen to you? Sometimes we need "fresh" eyes to see things that are everyday for us. I posted a photo of our living room on this blog yesterday and my friend, Suzette asked about THAT pillow!
OK, Suzette! Here are the specifications! I took an old beat up pillow and crocheted two sides for it., using leftover Red Heart and Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn, size "G" crochet hook The side you see is made up of smaller granny squares, crocheted together. The other side is just one big granny square quickly crocheted out of variegated yarn. I joined the two sides by crocheting around the outer edges with solid brown yarn. I stuffed the pillow inside the cover and crocheted the fourth side closed. I chose a bright aqua yarn for the knife edge. I crocheted a crab-stitch (backwards single crochet) for the final edge.
I totally copied a pillow I saw on Elizabeth Cat's Flickr page. She uses this design often. Check out that hassock! I want to make a cover for our hassock too.....eventually! One day all of our furniture will probably be covered in crochet!

Elizabeth Cat's Designs

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At 3:41 PM PDT, Anonymous Suzette said...

Dazzling! Thank you, Ellen.

Re crocheting EVERYTHING, I'm sure you've seen this:

At 5:32 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

The aqua in the pillow knocks my socks off. It's a keeper.

At 6:45 PM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

It looks great Ellen!

At 6:42 AM PDT, Blogger Z said...


At 11:12 AM PDT, Blogger DaCraftyLady said...

love the pillow...

At 8:16 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen said...

Awe inspiring!
I am taking my crochet classes at Lion Brand, using Vanna's choice.
I can't wait until I am ready to do granny squares!

At 8:42 AM PDT, Anonymous Eve said...


I love the pictures, and I can completely see your entire house covered in granny-squares! LOL

You should post pictures of your car's headrests, plus license plate! Michele and I were admiring it last Saturday.


At 9:11 AM PDT, Blogger Glennis said...

The hassock is awesome! How cool is that? I want a matched pair!

How are you, Ellen? I'm able to spend a little more time visiting my internet friends this week - hope to stop by some more.


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