Monday, June 20, 2011

Wig Wam Motel

The year was 1956. Vaudeville performers were driving from the East on Route 66 to make their fortune and fame on a Hollywood T.V. show, "T.V. Jamboree," produced by impresario Chris Nichols! They all just happened to meet up about an hour outside Los Angeles at the Wig Wam Motel in San Bernardino. Actually, it was a birthday party for Chris Nichols. There were performances, barbecue, drinks and more. Everyone dressed the part and it was a wonderful party!

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I dressed in my uptown cowgirl outfit and played my banjo. In character, I was aimin' to be cast on "Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jamboree" on KLAC lucky channel 13 in Hollywood! Larry dressed as a casual audience member of the era.

The Wig Wam Motel is the last of seven such establishments across the country. Many of our friends stayed for the night so we got to explore the little Wig Wam motel rooms. They were surprisingly roomy with very nice bathrooms...clean and efficient. The pool was characterically kidney-shaped and the park-like lawn area was perfect for our party. Many of our friends performed their "vod-vill" acts. The lovely Adriene and the accomplished Cuban Pete accompanied everyone on Hammond B-3 organ and the cocktail drums. Cuban Pete also gave some rousing renditions of popular Cuban songs of the day with his conga drum!

Thanks to Chris and Charlene for organizing a fabulous celebration. Happy Birthday, Chris!

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At 3:48 PM PDT, Blogger Sandra said...

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At 9:06 AM PDT, Blogger Renee said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

You do such a great job keeping history alive -- even if it's not "my" history (me of Las Vegas and Carson City, NV, mostly).

I enjoy your blog posts very much.



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