Thursday, July 07, 2011

Estate Sale - Torrance

Torrance Yard Sale

Tuesday was another day off from work for me. Larry receives invitations to attend estate sales all over the City. Tuesday was a preview of a Torrance estate sale, so we went together. This was a nice little house in a quiet section of Torrance, not far from Del Amo Mall. The house was small, but packed with kitschy items that spilled out into the backyard. Since this was a preview of the sale to come and it was a Tuesday, there weren't too many people present. Larry and I both must stop buying things at estate sales! Our house is filled to the brim with "good stuff." However, I just couldn't say no when I saw a set of 4 perfect nesting Pyrex bowls.

Set of Pyrex Nesting Bowls
I also picked up an interesting ashtray from the 1950's. Larry bought some records, an old guitar and some vintage children's toys. Mostly, I took photos of lots of cool collectibles.

I've never seen a vintage paint by numbers kit of a nude!Box o' BatteriesChildren's Weaving Loom by BernatCocktail Shaker with Glasses & Holder
It was a fun morning...beautiful weather and always nice to spend it with my honey!

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At 3:24 PM PDT, Blogger Lori said...

looks in.cred.ible!!! get me on the estate sale list ;)

At 4:16 PM PDT, Blogger Sharon Marie said...

Larry's holding a Bozo the Clown doll! I remember going to Bozo's Circus many, many years ago when I was a little girl. What happy memories that little doll brought back.

At 8:40 AM PDT, Blogger blandina said...

I hope that you bought the children's sewing machine and the loom!

At 9:51 AM PDT, Blogger betty said...

where do you find room for all the stuff that you buy??
I'm in the mode of trying get rid of more stuff than I buy, which means that I should have virtually nothing when I die!

At 8:24 PM PDT, Anonymous Twilight said...

Those Pyrex nesting bowls are fabulous!!!

At 8:30 PM PDT, Anonymous Eve said...

Hahaha - you guys are such a perfect match! The guitar is neat.



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