Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harold & Belle's

On Saturday we dined with Audrey and Jeff at Harold & Belle's Creole Restaurant. We hadn't been there in years. The restaurant has been upgraded since the last time we were there. The interior is really nice....white table cloths, wood paneling, mood lighting. The bar is welcoming and there's always a sporting event on TV. We made a 7:30 reservation and the place was pleasantly full.
Audrey had a special code for the prix fixe menu...$35 per person. This includes appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. We were all game for this, not realizing the huge amounts of food served for each meal. Yikes! We needed a to-go box immediately. Jeff and Audrey ordered the homemade sausage for their appetizer. Larry and I ordered chicken wings. Really...we all could have shared one order of each! Both appetizers were delicious.

Sausage Appetizer
Chicken Wings Appetizer

Next up, soup or salad. I had to try the clam chowder because it was touted on many food blogs. Everyone else had a nice mixed green salad. I should have chosen the salad too. The clam chowder was really thick and glue-like.

Green Salad
Clam Chowder

Jeff and Larry both ordered Crawfish Étouffée for their entree. Audrey ordered Fried Catfish accompanied by Red beans and Dirty rice. The Red Beans were chock full of sausage, shrimp and other goodies. I had the Chicken Creole. The Creole sauce was yummy. All entrees were really excellent. There was enough food on the table for 8 people! I would definitely order any of these entrees again, especially the Crawfish Étouffée, Red Beans and Dirty Rice. I really want to try their Catfish Po'Boy Sandwich.

Crawfish Étouffée and Creole Potato Salad
Fried CatfishRed Beans and Dirty RiceJeff & Audrey, marveling at the amount of foodChicken Creole

THEN, the prix fixe menu offered Bread Pudding in Whisky Sauce for dessert. We split one order at the table and packed the other to go.

Bread Pudding

We're STILL working on the leftovers!!!
Harold & Belle's in Jefferson Park,
2920 West Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018-3339,(323) 735-9023

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