Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vintage Knit Patterns

"At Ease"

Recently, I've been re-arranging and purging my knit and crochet pattern books. I came across this one called "Bedjackets and Smart Slippers" published in 1945 by Bernhard Ulmann Co.
A couple of weeks ago, Lynne was knitting a beautiful jacket that she called a peignoir. Only a few of us (me, Bridget and Lynne) had actually heard that term (yeah, we're old). In my memory, I see a breezy, chiffon-like voluminous housecoat, festooned with satin ribbons....something that actresses, Barbara Stanwyck or Joan Crawford would have worn in one of their movies from the 1940's. Not a very practical piece of clothing, but oh so alluring!

"Bright and Early"
"Morning Glory"

I mentioned to Lynne that the bedjacket would be much more practical. It keeps you warm while you're sitting up in bed reading, knitting, having coffee, etc. without the extra yardage crinkling up under the covers. I do remember my Mom having this pink quilted bedjacket with satin ribbons and pearlescent buttons. I don't remember her wearing it too often.
Many of the bedjackets in this book would definitely be suitable as sweaters by today's standards. I just LOVE the names of these bedjackets! The slippers are cute too!

"Chill Chaser"

"Good Morning""Nine o' Clock"
"Sweet Dreams"
"Toast 'n Coffee"

I'll be bringing this gem of a pattern book to the WeHo SnB tomorrow to show to Lynne and Bridget. We're having a stash swap tomorrow, which includes yarn, needles, hooks, patterns and more. Feel free to join in our fun. Thursday, 7-9pm, Original Farmers Market, upstairs dining area. Bring yarny items to swap!

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At 4:19 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said...

I love the "Charmer!"

I have gone through all my yarn and am ready to swap!

At 4:25 PM PDT, Anonymous Suzette said...

My "bed jacket" is an old flannel shirt. I'll be bringing lots of acrylic yarn and a few skeins of some better stuff to the swap. Hmm, maybe I'll look through my magazines, too . . .

At 8:21 PM PDT, Blogger Sharon said...

I have this very same pamphlet around here somewhere! The bed jackets are swell, and I have been tempted to make one to wear for late night reading.

At 8:32 PM PDT, Blogger Christina said...

Beautiful! I, too, like Charmer and it was the inspiration for Joan McGowan-Michael's "Angelina". The same pic is on the White Lies website.

At 9:21 AM PDT, Anonymous Jo Morgan said...

You made me wish I lived in LA! Talk about old -- 1945 was the year of my birth. Remember when the years your parents were born sounded like ancient history? Now I am the ancient history. Thanks for the fun pictures. Jo

At 12:08 AM PDT, Blogger betty said...

I love the "nine O'clock" and "charmer" patterns! With a different styling, they would look current.


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