Thursday, November 10, 2011

At Home with History

Rosenkrantz Apartments, Windsor Village

On Sunday Larry and I attended Los Angeles Conservancy's "At Home With History" tour, exploring the historic preservation overlay zones (HPOZs) of Country Club Park, Wilshire Park and Windsor Village.
It rained like crazy late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. We left the house on a drizzly morning. Once we arrived at the first location, the clouds parted and the skies began to clear. Phew! This tour was sold out, so I didn't want rain to spoil the day.
Larry took all of the house photos for the brochure, so he was aware of many of the architectural details of the homes we visited. It's always nice to tour with an expert.
First stop, Windsor Village's Rosenkrantz Apartments, built in 1936. We were one block from the Wilshire Ebell Theater. One unit was empty so it was perfect for touring. Louis Selden designed the courtyard twin buildings in the French Eclectic style. I LOVE this style. I have called it Normandy style, but I'm glad to learn an alternate term for this type of building with round towers, turrets, leaded-glass windows and decorative iron work. These apartments are all two levels with beautiful and original features of tiled kitchens and bathrooms and all sorts of built-ins. The vacant apartment currently rents for $2,500 per month.

Prairie Style Home, Windsor Village

We were not supposed to photograph any of the interiors in the tour homes, but I could not help sneaking a few snaps. Next stop in Windsor Village was a beautifully restored Prairie style home on So. Windsor Blvd. This was my favorite of all the homes on the tour because it comes closest to the sleek, modern mid 20th-century style that I like. I could definitely see myself living in this house.

Prairie Home Dining Room

The owner of the home grew up in the house. He and his wife have really gone overboard to update but preserve this home. Their pottery and furniture collections are fabulous!

We zoomed over to Third Avenue in Wilshire Park for our next tour. This is a Spanish Colonial Revival home built in 1926. This home was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Section. You can see more photos here.

Spanish Colonial Revival Home, Wilshire Park
check out that coral tree!

The owners have kept the exterior classic. Inside they have painted every room a different color, accenting their collection of international folk art.

Original Fireplace, Wilshire ParkThe Mexican tiled swimming pool and loggia in the backyard are outstanding.

Time for lunch! We motored down Western Avenue to our favorite stand for fish tacos, Chabelita's!!! We love this place. The food is fresh and cheap. It's amazing what you get for $5! How can you not love all of the murals at Chabelita's? The building is a work of art!

Cogswell Craftsman Home, Country Club Park

Next stop, Country Club Park and the Horatio Cogswell House. WOW! This place is really amazing. It's a perfect Craftsman style home with lots of wood paneling, built-ins, stained glass window and beautiful fixtures. The owners have been collecting furniture and objects of this style for years and have placed them in their home. I do remember being at this house a couple of years ago with my friend, Rhoda for an estate sale. They've done tons of work since then!

Cogswell Home Interior
Milbank Mansion, Country Club Park

The biggest home and highlight of Country Club Park was touring the Milbank Mansion, built in 1913. This house has 11,000 square feet of space, in addition to extensive grounds which include a sunken garden, swimming pool, tennis court and rolling lawns. It's on a knoll on Arlington Avenue, between Pico and Olympic. I used to drive by this house all the time. It's used in films and TV shows, so it was immediately recognizable.

WOW! This is one grand, Italian Renaissance mansion designed by G. Lawrence Stimson who also designed the Wrigley Mansion in Pasadena, also known as the headquarters for the Tournament of Roses.

Backyard, Milbank Mansion w/Annie Laskey of the LAC
Historic Photo of the Milbank Mansion

Our final stop was South Bronson, an apple green Mediterranean Revival-style house built in 1919.

Bronson Avenue Mediterranean Home, Wilshire Park

Large rooms and beautiful plaster moldings give this home a spacious and villa-like ambiance. The current owners have decorated their home with many artifacts and furnishings from India. The walls are brightly painted to highlight the architectural details.

Bronson Avenue, Indian-style furnishings and decoration

I'm totally exhausted just writing about this tour!!! It was a very well-researched and presented tour. Thanks to the Los Angeles Conservancy for organizing another great day! Do check their website for upcoming events!

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At 11:33 AM PST, Blogger Jenn said...

That tour sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to write about it!

At 4:00 PM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

I 2nd that. Looks like it was a very cool way to spend a Sunday in LA. One of these days I need to check out some of Consevancy's activities.


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