Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Red Scarf Project

As Thanksgiving approaches, we should all have some free time on our hands AFTER dinner. I wanted to let you all know that the Orphans Foundation of America is collecting red scarves for their project! I've completed one red scarf to donate to this worthy cause. From the website: OFA launched a unique initiative to warm the hearts (and necks) of college-bound foster youth. We began taking donations of handmade red scarves to put into our Valentine's Day Care Packages for young adults who have left the foster care system.
Here are the particulars about your scarf donation:
Scarf Size: Approximately 60" long and 5" to 8" wide. Scarves should be long enough to be wrapped around the neck, with tails long enough to be tied in the front.
Style: Think unisex collegiate. Ask yourself if your son, brother, and/or husband would enjoy receiving the scarf. Fringes are optional. Your scarf should drape and tie ea
Yarn: Preferably DK, double fingering-weight, worsted weight, or lig
ht bully yarns. No laceweight, super-chunky, or mohair yarns as there are many people who find mohair too itchy. The yarn should be soft.
Color: Red! However, this could mean burgundy, cherry, russet, red stripes with other colors, or multicolor hues including red. Other unisex colors, including black, navy, teal, olive or gold are also welcome.
Finished and tagged: Yarn ends should be securely sewn in. For a personal touch, attach a tag saying "Handmade for You" with your first name, city, and group affiliation, if
any. Donors have also included washing instructions, messages of encouragement, gift cards, etc.

Co-Worker, Matt models my red scarf donation

Deadline is December 15, 2011. Check out the site for pattern ideas. The deadline is December 15th. You can mail your scarves here:
Orphan Foundation of America
The Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive
Sterling, VA 20166
There are other ways to donate to the OFA if you do not knit or crochet. Check out the website AGAIN!My red scarf donation is crocheted with Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn, Scarlet, standard V-Stitch, using a size "K" crochet hook. There is a fabulous knit pattern, "On the Quad Scarf," in "Craft Activism," designed by Rebecca Hatcher. You can download the pattern here, FREE!

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At 1:25 PM PST, Anonymous V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

This sounds like a great project. I haven't crocheted in a long time. This may be my motivation.

At 2:01 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey V-Grrrl! That would be great! Thanks to Neil for the shout-out!

At 2:55 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder on the red scarf. i just ordered the book via amazon - can't wait to get it.
Judy from rpa

At 3:03 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Judy!

So glad you'll be making a Red Scarf. Thanks for the book order too. You'll really like "Craft Activism."

Ellen B

At 5:11 AM PST, Anonymous Ruth Keeley said...

Ellen - You have a new fan in Roswell, GA. I have a question about the Inauguration Chapeau from 2009 (I haven't crocheted in over 30 years, so I'm a bit rusty). I've completed about 5 rounds and the piece is not laying flat like a pancake - it's more like a ruffle. Is this right?

Thanks for your blog and any help you can offer!


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