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"Swiss Alpine" Dishes by Mar-Crest
pattern discontinued in 1960

We love going to estate sales, yard sales, thrift and antique shops. It seems we're always searching for our childhood. Every time I spot something that was in our house when I was a kid, I impulsively buy it.
I have inherited many of my parents' household items....dishes, serving pieces, ashtrays, vases, paintings, sculpture, furniture, rugs, lamps, even a mink coat! Larry inherited most of the tools from my Dad's workshop, including an inventory of cigar boxes filled with nuts, bolts and nails from my Grandpa Bloom's workshop! Needless to say, there's no more room in our house or garage for "collectibles." I just cannot buy anymore STUFF, unless I get rid of something.

There was one set of everyday dishes that my Mom had that I wish we still owned. Apparently, many of the pieces were broken, so my Mom gave the dishes away in one of her many moves. She purchased her set of "Swiss Alpine" dishes by Mar-Crest at Safeway Market. You could buy certain pieces each week, usually completing your set in a few months. It was a supermarket promotion. One week the dinner plates were available. The next week, maybe the juice glasses were available. We frequented the Safeway on the corner of Olympic Blvd. and Beverwil Dr. in Beverly Hills. It's a Von's Pavillions store now. My Mom has always had a preference for anything blue and white. She still owns some gorgeous "fancy" blue and white dishes, but not the Swiss Alpine. Sigh.

I've come across many sets of Swiss Alpine dishes on eBay, Etsy, etc. I do have six small dessert bowls in this pattern. I love these dishes.. I just cannot allow myself to buy a whole set. Sigh, again.

Are you missing some STUFF from your youth? If you saw it for sale at a reasonable price, would you buy it?
some photos from Retro Renovation

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At 3:39 PM PST, Blogger Renee said...

You betcha, and I do. LOL.

Renee :)

At 4:39 PM PST, Anonymous Suze said...

Sigh. Like you, Ellen, I have no more room. It would have to be one very special piece!

At 7:27 PM PST, Blogger Mom Walds Place said...

Seriously?! I come from a long line of collectors, that's why I always dreamed of having my own shop. If it's old there is a chance I learned something about it from someone in my family, and also learned to appreciate if not love it. That's why the name of my shop and blog is "Mom Wald's Place", because everyone hangs out here where there is something for everyone. They often get sent home with it too!

At 7:49 PM PST, Blogger Sharon GARDNER said...

I have some china from my great grandmother. Many of the pieces were damaged in a fire but I still hold on to them. I look at yard sales and thrift stores for matching pieces to replace the damaged ones. I haven't had much luck yet but I haven't given up. I also have casserole dishes and mixing bowls like my mom had. All of her things were disposed of after my dad remarried after she passed so I get really nostalgic when I see things like hers.

At 11:13 PM PST, Blogger Renee said...

Ellen, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. And, I really do love old stuff -- retro, vintage, antique. BTW, Beautiful dishes featured in your post today.

Renee :)

At 4:32 PM PST, Blogger Deb said...

Yes I would and yes I do, it was so bad at one point I had to rent a storage unit to house it in.

At 7:01 AM PST, Blogger Pam Kueber said...

Hi Ellen, I see that you are using two images from my blog -- can you be sure to provide a credit and link? Many thanks, Pam

At 7:36 AM PST, Anonymous Hester from Atlanta said...

Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pottery. When I was growing up, my Mom had a set of these bowls. We used them for everything in the kitchen: , to put in the oven, to mix things, to store, to serve, to decorate, to let bread rise, etc. etc. Over the years two of them broke and when we cleaned out my folks' house the remaining one got thrown away - not by me. I just discovered that there are some on ebay for sale. I am going to bid. The bowls remind me of all the good things about my family life - and there aren't a whole lot of good things. So off I go to watch my bid!!

At 6:51 PM PST, Blogger subliminalrabbit said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! I have a thing for mid century housewares, especially Cathrineholm. I was lucky enough to be gifted a big set for our wedding and I will never give it up!


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