Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seen in L.A.

Graphic @ Signmakers, Mid-City L.A.

I'm often side-tracked by cool looking buildings, signs, etc. along the streets of Los Angeles. I drive by the intersection of Venice Boulevard and Thurman Avenue, Mid-City L.A. all the time. On the south/west corner is It's a rambling group of buildings, painted black. There are always signs in the front yard, some quite colorful and interesting.

Wilshire Vista Neighborhood signs waiting for repair at Signmakers

Some of the signs that they are creating or repairing are neon. Often, at night, these signs are lit. It's an ever-changing display.
I do love the graphics on the side of the building. There are a bunch of punctuation marks, painted stark white against the black building. There's usually a garbage bin or truck in front of this section of the building. This morning, on my way to the freeway, the view of this graphic was unobstructed. I parked, jumped out and snapped a few shots.

Hipstamatic Version of Signmakers

I probably cannot top last year's official Yucca Valley photo of my potholders for the swap, but wouldn't the wall at Signmakers make a perfect background for this year's potholder photo shoot?

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At 4:01 PM PST, Anonymous Richard Henderson said...

I've always loved the cartoonists' long-standing term for those word balloon substitutes for profanity: 'Maledicta.'

Venice is a frequent drive of mine, too. The Signmakers fonts, esp. the extra bold letters that slowly change color, are an enduring joy, but the real type freak's paradise may be found on Washington, running west from LaCienega. So much so that I created an F-book album devoted to the letterforms of Washington Blvd galleries & retail outlets.

At 4:19 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the erudite comment, Richard! As always, you are a wealth of information! I must open my eyes the next time I drive down Washington!

At 8:36 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Do it!Perfect setting.

At 10:49 AM PDT, Blogger Mars Bravo said...

Ellen, we just came across this blog of yours and we love the photo you have taken of our shop. Would it be okay for us to use it in our Square payment electronic receipts ? Thanks for the love and support. Cheers!

At 10:52 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah...these are pre-graffiti photos! You can use the photo if I get credit somewhere at the shop or in your publicity materials: Photo by Ellen Bloom.
Hey! Where's my discount?!?


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