Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockin' on Fig

Figueroa and 64th Street, South Los Angeles

On Friday afternoon Larry and I drove south on Figueroa St. to see The Rock or "Levitated Mass" sitting in the middle of the street on it's massive transporter truck.

The Rock is very tall. When a city bus rode by, I could see that The Rock was taller than the bus! No wonder the transport company had to build a special apparatus to carry The Rock from the Riverside desert to the Miracle Mile!

Larry and The Rock

I didn't get out of bed at 3 a.m. on Saturday to see The Rock land in front of the L.A. County Art Museum on the Miracle Mile, but I did drive by later in the day to see it sitting near it's final resting place, behind the Museum. This spot used to be the parking lot for May Company!

When "Levitated Mass" is finally placed, you will
be able to walk UNDER it for viewing!
The Rock at Home in the Desert
Photo by Mark Zaleski

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At 3:06 PM PDT, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I feel like they've been moving that thing for two weeks now. Gayle Anderson at KTLA did a piece on it more than a week ago and it was already trussed up on its apparatus. I don't think I'd want to walk under it, though.

At 3:58 PM PDT, Anonymous Ricky said...

My out of town family from Oregon and Montana says this is BIG news in their media!


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