Monday, March 05, 2012

Waikiki Weekend

Oh My! It was a truly busy weekend in Waikiki and beyond. I need to go back to L.A. to rest up from my vacation! We started out Saturday morning at the local Community College Farmers Market. It was packed! We wanted to pick up some mangoes and papayas. It was raining off and on. We accomplished our mission and headed over to the Rainbow Drive-In for breakfast. Wow! Huge portions and delicious food!

Then, we decided to drive toward East Hawaii and enjoy the gorgeous coastline. As we made our way around the shore, the sun came out and the waves were crashing on the rocks...positively breath-taking!

We stopped at a botanical garden where the plumerias were just about dying off for the season. We drove around to East Hawaii and stopped at a few shops and then came back to town.

Shopping at Bailey's Aloha Shirt and Hawaiian Antiques shop proved entertaining, along with a visit to Good Guys Music to try out the ukuleles.
On Saturday night, our 20th wedding anniversary, we went to the Mariana Sailing Club Tiki Bar and Restaurant for dinner.

Another Wow! This place must have all of the leftover tiki trappings from every single tiki bar that ever lived in Hawaii. It was tiki-rific-bonanza-a-go-go-time! The food was delicious too!

Sunday was a day of rest. I sat by the pool, rested, crocheted and read.

Larry came back from his photo tour around town and we walked down to the main street in Waikiki to watch the annual Honolulu Festival....very colorful, topped off by a magnificent fireworks display out in the harbor. Phew! I'm exhausted!!

Today is our last full day on the Island. It's rainy again, so we'll probably go to a museum. Later tonight I'm meeting up with the Aloha Knitters at the Ward Center for their Stitch 'n Bitch. I have an old acquaintance, M.K. Carroll, that I'm seeing there. M.K. visited our WeHo SnB group a few years ago and we've followed each other on Ravelry and Pinterest since that time.

Aloha from Waikiki!

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At 10:45 AM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I really hate for your vacation to end--I'm having a great time via the travelblogging. Love that tiki restaurant.

At 11:01 AM PST, Anonymous Suze said...

Wow, your trip to Honolulu is much richer than mine was. Hey, where'd you get that towel on your lounge chair? Was that provided by the hotel? Or something you bought? Looks totally like Jenny Hart's
Sublime Stitching" Tiki embroidery patterns. Have a safe trip home.


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