Friday, July 27, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday - Olympics!

1932 Olympics @ The Coliseum, Los Angeles

Woo Hoo the 2012 Olympics in London start today. I do like watching some of the events during the televised Olympic Games. I am looking forward to the opening ceremonies tonight.
It was a glorious 2-1/2 weeks in Los Angeles in 1984 when we hosted the Olympics. Many residents, fearing extra traffic and crowds left town for the duration of the games. People curbed their driving. There was no smog. The weather was perfect. I attended many events in person, which was a thrill. It was a wonderful time in Los Angeles.
My Dad attended many of the events during the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. I even have a printed program from the 1932 opening ceremonies at the Coliseum where my tween-aged Dad pasted newspaper clippings of his favorite Olympic swimming star, Johnny Weismuller!

The L.A. Memorial Coliseum hosted the 1932 Olympic Games. Olympic Boulevard (formerly 10th Street) was named for the event. What is now the Village Green was originally housing for Olympic athletes. Helms Bakery was the supplier of bread for the athletes. The sign declaring OLYMPIC BREAD still shines atop the old bakery building!

The Home of Olympic Bread, Helms Bakery

I've registered on Ravelry as a "Ravthlete" to compete in the Ravellenic Games of 2012! This has NOTHING to do with athletics. Thousands of knitters and crocheters will be tuned into the Olympic Games on TV, sitting and knitting for over 2 weeks! We are encouraged to register certain projects on Ravelry. We must finish our goal projects during the games. Big challenge! I have so many unfinished yarny projects lying around the house. I have serious attention deficit disorder when it comes to yarny projects, so this Ravellenic Games challange is going to be tough for me! I hope to push through the boredom and in the great British tradition, carry on! My project of choice is a complex pillow pattern. You can see the details here.

Yes, it's going to be a grand weekend!

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At 1:17 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

"The starters are in their positions..." Can't wait to see the finished pillow.


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