Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Rear Exterior @ Chabelita's

I've posted about Chabelita's Tacos many times before.  Of course the food is great, but I always forget that the murals and paintings that surround the parking lot, dining area and the actual walls of the exterior give me a thrill when I'm there.

Imagine being on super-busy Western Avenue, just north of the Santa Monica Freeway, next to a fire station.  The traffic noise, sirens, etc. are deafening.  Chabelita has an indoor-outdoor dining area that shields you from the noise and dust of the street.  You can see Chabelita herself walking on the water of Lake Chapultepec.

If you decide to eat at one of the tables in the parking lot, you can gaze upon farm scenes of goats, pigs, roosters and cows.  If you turn up your iPod and look at the murals while you're eating your delicious taco, you might as well be on a farm in rural Mexico!
Chabelita's Fish Taco w/ Rice and Beans


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