Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Festival

Decorated Farm Tractor

Fall?  Isn't the weather supposed to be chilly during Fall?  We had a few breezy, cool days last week.  This week though, the temperatures are back up to 80 degrees.  Yes, the evil Santa Ana winds are invading Los Angeles, giving everyone the sneezies and eye itchies.  Also, those hot winds sweep into our canyons full of dry leaves and brush and start fires.  So, beware!  Don't drop any matches around town please.

OMG!  This potato is humongous!
Last weekend the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax (my second home) celebrated Fall with a kitschy festival.  There was a petting zoo of animals for the kids, the obligatory face-painting booth, carnival games, lots of hay, pumpkins and scarecrows strewn about the Market and more.  This was the first time that the humongous Idaho Baked Potato visited Los Angeles on a flatbed truck.  Whoa!  It's REALLY huge!

Meanwhile, back at the Market, the San Fernando Valley Banjo Band was serenading the patrons on the East Patio.  Yessiree, it was a good ol' country hoe-down  in the middle of the big City at the Vortex of Los Angeles!

San Fernando Valley Banjo Band

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