Thursday, October 11, 2012

One-Stop Shopping!

Last night I had dinner at Ramen Jinya, WLA with my dear friend, Rhoda.  This particular Ramen Jinya is in the Marshall's shopping complex on the south/east corner of Sawtelle and Olympic.   I approached the complex from the West.  Rhoda approached from the East.  WELL, while Rhoda was waiting to turn left on Sawtelle to the parking structure, she looked up at the complex and noticed this sign in the window of the third level!!
Woo Hoo!!  Soooo excited.  We're finally going to have a Michael's craft and YARN store in West Los Angeles!  The only other Michael's that is close to the westside is the one on 4th Street in Santa Monica.  Bleah!  The SM store is run down, poorly stocked and it's impossible to park.  Other than traveling to the San Fernando Valley for a decent Michael's, on weekends, I've been frequenting the one in Hawthorne, just at the eastern border of Manhattan Beach.  It will be so nice to be able to stop at this WLA Michael's when I need something.  An added plus, there's ample free parking, Marshall's AND Ramen Jinya in the same complex!  There are also other food options on Level 1.  This is definitely one-stop shopping for me and my crafty friends!
Remember what used to be on this corner in the old days?  It was the  adobe-style Cozy Court  Apartments!  I remember the driveway being dirt and seeing chickens roaming around between the little houses!

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At 3:25 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

Isn't it amazing how it is the little things in life that provide the "salt" of our existence!

At 3:36 PM PDT, Anonymous Blu Onyx Expressions said...

Doing happy dance!!! Thanks for sharing.

At 3:54 PM PDT, Anonymous Suze said...

Wow. A dirt driveway and chickens at the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic. I guess 100 years from now, big steel and glass stores will seem quaint.

At 5:41 PM PDT, Blogger Brenda said...

Yay! I am as excited as you are! Can't wait.

At 6:34 PM PDT, Blogger Merna said...

Here's how old I am -- DH actually lived in one of the Cozy Court units when we were UCLA students!

One does need a Michael's once in a while. Yay

At 9:44 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

WOW, Merna! I do remember the UCLA Married Students Housing on Barrington and on Sepulveda, but the Cozy Courts are closer to UCLA! THanks so much for commenting!


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