Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On Saturday night we zoomed out to Future Studio in Highland Park and met up with Suzette and Mark to see the current exhibit, The Lost World of Puppet Artifacts.  The Arroyo Arts Collective curated this show with puppets and props from the International Puppetry Museum  in Pasadena.  It was a very cool show.  Many of the props and puppets were antiques!
Bob Dylan Puppet
Russian Village Puppet Props
Suzette's new Frankenstein Puppet Boyfriend

After dinner we drove over to the Pop Hop Shop Bookstore to check out the mural installation along York Blvd called "The Full Dollar Collection of Contemporary Art on York Blvd."
Larry at the Pop Hop Shop

We were lucky enough to spot a few people leaving the MorYork space across the street from the bookstore.  MorYork used to be part of the NELA Art Crawl, but tonight they were hosting a live performance.  The performance was letting out, so we ducked into Mor York just to take a look at Clare Graham's art and collections.  I had puppets and dolls on the brain, so that's what I photographed.
MorYork Gallery
Suzette & Mark @ MorYork
It was a fun evening, filled with imaginative art!  Check out the NELA website for future events.

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