Monday, March 18, 2013

The Roof on Wilshire

Poolside Dining
On Saturday we celebrated Lori's birthday at The Roof on Wilshire.  This is Chef Eric Greenspan's newish restaurant at the top of The Hotel Wilshire on the Miracle Mile, near Crescent Hts.  The hotel is not a high-high-rise, but the roof-top pool and dining area is high enough to afford a stunning view of the West Hollywood hills and the Miracle Mile.  

I'm sure, on a clear night, the view must be sparkling.  We had a sunny, windy day with a bit of foggy, haze, but it was still a glorious atmosphere.  
Carol and Natalie
Beth, Lori, Carol and Julie

There were pretty young things frolicking in the swimming pool, hip guys at the bar and ladies who lunch at the surrounding tables and cabanas.  It was the perfect SoCal afternoon.

The brunch menu is heavy on eggs and cheese.  Greenspan is known for his grilled cheese sandwiches.  We ordered a variety of dishes...hamburgers on challah bread, egg sandwiches, basted eggs and the special pancake lasagna, which is heart-attack-on-a-plate, consisting of layered up pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese bacon and maple syrup.  Of course, I ordered the lasagna.  We also imbibed on a few lovely cocktails. 
Egg Sandwich
Lori's Basted Eggs and Crispy Hash Browns
The hamburger is served on challah egg bread
Sinful Pancake Lasagna

The guest of honor, Lori was a chef in a previous life.  She ordered her eggs basted.  This confounded the waiter, but not Chef Greenspan.  Later, Greenspan came out and asked who ordered the basted eggs.  Eric and Lori swapped breakfast stories.  It was a delightful afternoon.  We'll definitely return to The Roof in the heat of summer for a night-time repast.
Ellen and Lori, Lobby, Hotel Wilshire, photo by Beth

Later, we adjourned to Chez Bloom-Underhill for presents, cake and yarny pursuits.  Happy B-Day, Lori! 
Beth's divine Lemon Cake!

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