Friday, March 15, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday - Fog

L.A. City Hall, 1940's.  Herald-Examiner Collection,
 L.A. Public Library Archives

The caption that ran with this photo in the Herald-Examiner is:  "It may look like early morning fog, but it turns into smog, obscuring the Los Angeles City Hall, City Buildings and the street.  Smog is making it all hazy to look at and is thick enough to cause the eyes to smart."
We're lucky now.  The smog in Los Angeles has dissipated considerably due to air quality management regulations for automobiles, factories and more.  HOWEVER, it has been extremely foggy in the mornings and evenings this past week.  It may be sunny in Mid-City L.A. and super foggy at the Beach.  I rather like it.  It's very noir and moody.  Have a wonderfully atomosepheric weekend my friends.

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