Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Annual Dishcloth Swap

It's time to start gearing up for the 2013 Annual Dishcloth Swap!  This is my favorite swap of the year.  The Ravelry group is chatty and supportive.  People knit and/or crochet the most amazing dishcloths.  Yes, a dishcloth can be AMAZING!  This is an opportunity to try out a new stitch or technique and whip it up in a little square or round format...speedy!  Yes!  
We are submitting 5 dishcloths of the same pattern, different colors, 100% cotton by July 27th.  We will receive 5 different dishcloths back!  The moderators of this swap are Eve and Michele.  Both are excellent knitters and crocheters and are really good about being fair in the dishcloth distribution.  Read the instructions and join us! 
The Beautiful Dishcloths I Received Last Year
I've decided to use this pattern.  I've made it many times before, so it should go quickly.  The pattern, in worsted weight yarn turns out a 12-inch square, too large for this swap.  So, I'm using a finer cotton thread and downsizing my hook.  The square in the top photo, made in Samoa Cotton with a size "E" hook, including the picot border, resulted in a 7-1/2-inch square.  I used some variegated Egyptian cotton for the border.
I like this square so much, that I started an afghan of heart squares using this pattern.  One day, I'll finish it!
Unfinished Heart Afghan
Com on, join us!  You know you want to.

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At 9:29 AM PDT, Blogger grandmato7 said...

Can you tell me how you made the border on the orange heart washcloth? It is so pretty. Thanks!

At 10:17 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi grandmato7. The border on my orange heart dishcloth is:
Row 1: single crochet around entire cloth, remembering to place 3 crochet stitches in each corner.
Row 2: ch 3, sc back into same space (this makes a pointed picot). *sc in next 3 stitches. Ch 3, sc back into same space*.
Continue around from * to * until you reach your first stitch. Join, leave a long tail, cut yarn. Weave in end.


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