Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cultural Geography

Charles is very colorful

Charles Phoenix is a Cultural Geographer.  So says Alan Hess, American architect, author, lecturer and advocate for 20th century architectural preservation.  I totally agree.  We were at The Getty Museum on Sunday for a slide show and lecture by Charles Phoenix entitled, "Pacific Standard Time Presents Modern Architecture in L.A."   
Many of our friends were there, making this a perfect  Sunday afternoon in the Santa Monica mountains!
John, Ellen, Adriene, Jay and Selena
Steven and Jeffrey
Judi and Alison

Here's the description of the show from Charles Phoenix's website:  "Charles leads a fun-fueled whirlwind adventure tour exploring SoCal’s undiscovered and underrated mid-century architectural gems past and present.  With his trademark rousing enthusiasm, gracious wit, and keen eye for odd-ball detail, Charles shares spectacular space-age drive-ins, coffee shops, bowling alleys, strip malls, shopping centers, extreme homes, dingbat apartments, fast food stands, theme parks and much more all in glorious color!!!"
It was a wondrous presentation. 

The weather was perfect on Sunday!

After the event and seeing all of Charles' slides of mid-century modern coffee shops, especially Pann's, we were extremely hungry for fried chicken.  A few of us zoomed down the freeway and had dinner at my fave coffee shop in the City!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
CP, Star of the Corner Booth @Pann's

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