Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gallery Opening

"No Trespassing" 32" x 42", metal. By Bobby Furst

On Friday we drove to Silverlake to attend the opening of Bobby Furst's eclectic artwork at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.  It was jam-packed.  We had to park blocks away.  Right in front of the gallery was Angelyne in her hot pink Corvette.  She has lots of promo material in the trunk of her car.  It looks like she lives out of her car!!

Angelyne and her Admirers

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is in the back of Billy Shire's shop, The Soap Plant and Wacko.  This is your one-stop shop for gifts.  There are tons of pop culture books; soap; dishes; purses; totebags; art items; toys and a host of other interesting pieces.

Bagdad Biker Babe
Mixed media found objects
57" x 89" x 27.25"

Once we made our way to the Gallery in the back, we ran right into Bobby Furst.  We met Bobby at his Joshua Tree studio a few years ago.  He lives close to my old radio partner, John "Juke" Logan.  Bobby's work is whimsical, battered and wonderful.  He uses many found objects from the desert then welds them together to make new statements.

Artist, Bobby Furst
Star Wars
Mixed media found objects
76" x 73" x 12"
The Offering
Mixed media found objects
20" x 4.25" x 8"

We saw many friends and met new people too.  

It's always a sensory overload at the combined La Luz/Wacko/Soap Plant!  They have such cool stuff in the shop!
Robots for Sale

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At 2:02 PM PDT, Blogger Mia said...

One of my favorite places. A trip to the Soap Plant is always good for my soul.


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