Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adventures Across L.A,

Today, Larry and I did a few errands in the morning and then headed over to Alvarado and 7th for lunch at Langer's Deli.  Langer's has the ultimate pastrami in Los Angeles.  They age it perfectly.  Our favorite sandwich is the #19:  Pastrami on double baked rye bread with cole-slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.  Oy!  It's the perfect combination.  
#19, Pastrami on Rye with Cole Slaw, Swiss Cheese and Russian Dressing

I've always loved the oil paintings at the back of the restaurant.  They were painted 45 years ago.  Read the story here.  

It's one of my fondest dreams to be memorialized in a painting, hanging on the wall of my favorite restaurant!  What a tribute!
After lunch we hopped on over to the Home Depot on Wilshire and Union St.  We've been looking into replacing our refrigerator.  The one we have is a hand-me-down and a bit too large for our kitchen.  This Home Depot is rarely jammed.  We saw a few fridges that we liked, but will probably purchase one at Lowe's, closer to our house.  I always like visiting this Home Depot because of the Peter Shire Post-Modern, Retro-Memphis School of Art sculptures in the parking lot.
Peter Shire sculptures at Home Depot, near DTLA

Across the street from Home Depot is the Wilshire Blvd. office of architect S. Charles Lee.  I just love the Regency styling of this building.   Lee designed numerous important buildings in L.A., especially movie theaters
S. Charles Lee Office,  1648 Wilshire Blvd., L.A.

I'd heard that the lotuses were growing again in Echo Park Lake and that the paddle boats were running for the summer.  We zoomed up Alvarado until it turned into Glendale Blvd. and parked at the Lake.  

The lotus blossoms are protected now.  They look beautiful.  People were out on the Lake enjoying the paddle boats.  It's a perfectly serene place to rest in the middle of the City.
Only a few days left to my stay-cation!!

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At 4:28 PM PDT, Blogger Darci said...

Thanks for this post...I actually teach at the middle school on the corner of Wilshire and Union - John Liechty MS - and have wondered about the art in the parking lot.

At 4:46 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

THanks for the comment, Darci. Peter Shire has a studio in Silverlake. It's open at Christmastime for a holiday sale. You should Google him and get on his e-mail list!


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