Monday, July 01, 2013

Lucky Times with the Lucky Stars

On Friday we decided to mosey on over to the Original Farmers Market to see Dave Stuckey and the Lucky Stars.  They are a fantastic western swing band.  Even on a hot, sticky summer night, this band got the crowd movin'!
We were sitting off to the side of the stage, so we didn't get a perfect view of the band, but our area was cooler and less crowded than in front of the Lucky Stars.
Wally Herson's Big Bass and Dave Stuckey on Drums
We were lucky to run into our friends Debbie and Marilyn, who secured a table early in the evening that we were able to share!  Thanks, Ladies!
Debbie and Marilyn

One nice thing about the Farmers Market, it's like our own private club.  We usually run into many friends, especially when all of our friends like the same bands that we do!  On Friday, we ran into many of the folks from last week's Hollywood birthday party....Johanna, Nicole, Carolyn, Greg, Ron and Karen.  We also saw some neighbors and a few other F. Market regulars.
Ron, Ellen and Larry.  Photo by Marilyn
This was a perfect kick-off to our summer weekend.

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