Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Those 60's Buildings!

Del Rey Yacht Club at night.  Architect, Maurice H. Fleishman, 1965.

I have a fondness for the buildings of the 1960's.  I grew up during the '60's.  My Dad was in the building business during those years.  As we'd drive around town, Dad would always point out certain buildings that he supplied with doors and wardrobes.  He also would drive past buildings and say the names of the architects and/or builders who were responsible for said buildings.  I find myself repeating my Dad's building info as I drive around L.A.  This information is permanently imprinted on my brain.  This reminds me of how impressionable young brains are.  As I age, I remember things from my youth much more readily than I remember what I had for dinner last night!
Del Rey Yacht Club with porte-cochère addition

We were members of the Del Rey Yacht Club.  When we joined the Club in 1964, there was no permanent clubhouse.  Club functions were held in a double-wide construction trailer in the parking lot.  By the following year, our beautiful clubhouse had been built.  The architect was one of our members, Maurice H. Fleishman.
A few years later, I was driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in my home town of Beverly Hills and noticed the newly built Beverly Hills Courthouse.  I thought it resembled the Yacht Club!  Turns out that Fleishman designed this building too! 
Beverly Hills Courthouse.  Architect, Maurice H. Fleishman, 1969.
I love it when an architect has a recognizable style!

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