Friday, August 02, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

Sam, Freda and Mae Katz at the beach, 1921.  Santa Monica.

I'm not sure which part of the beach this is.  Judging from the cliffs in the background, it's probably Santa Monica, near Palisades Park.  In the photo are my grandparents and Aunt Mae.  Mae was 4 years old here, before both of her sisters were born.
It's August, 2013, smack-dab in the middle of summer.  The weather in Santa Monica has been perfect.  A bit cloudy in the morning, warm in the afternoon and then cool again at night. If you're going to the beach, this weekend would be a perfect time!
Aunt Mae and Grandpa Sam, 1921

Below is a view, in 1915, of the steps leading from the beach to the area above the palisades from the Water & Power Associates Website.  This could be close to where our family's photos were taken in 1921.
Steps from the Beach to Palisades, 1915

Savor the rest of the summer.  Labor Day is upon us!

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