Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Whoa!  There's been a bonanza of vanity license plates to snap over the last week!  I never worry about running out of entertaining plates.  The vanity of Los Angeles residents keeps me busy!  Thank you.
The Volvo is for Sunday Driving!
Hahahaha!  Old Codger!  Von's Parking Lot, Mid-City
Both Licenses seen in Pann's Parking Lot, Ladera Hts.  Maybe they dined together?
Star Caterpillar?
Ooooo...kinda' scary!
The Mint, Pico Blvd. near Crescent Hts., LA.  Photo by Chuck Taggart

Above, seen by my friend, Chuck Taggart, just outside The Mint where Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show  from New Orleans was performing.  It's a slang greeting in New Orleans. When you meet someone in the street they will say "where y'at?" Then you reply with the key phrase "what it is." If you respond wrong, the initiator will know you are not local.  Chuck wins for the best vanity license plate of the week!!

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