Friday, September 20, 2013

Moon Cake Festival - Vintage Photo Friday

Chinese Moon Festival, 1954 in New Chinatown. LAPL Photo Archives

It's time for the annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Chinatown, L.A. on Saturday.  This is basically a harvest festival, more explanation here and a bit of the history here.   

Having Tea and Moon Cakes, 1962.  Photo by Gordon Dean, Valley Times Collection

It is traditional to eat moon cakes during this important festival.  Moon cakes are little bundles of firm pastry, filled with goodness.  There's a run on moon cakes in New Chinatown this week.  My friend, Lili found a bakery in Echo Park that offers all sorts of moon cakes for sale, the Kien Giang Bakery.  Thanks for the hot tip, Lili!
Moon Cake Selection, Kien Giang Bakery.  Photo by Lili Chin
Happy  Friday!  Time to get your moon cake on, Los Angeles!

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At 7:36 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

You have so much local knowledge...have you ever thought of creating a book?


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