Thursday, September 12, 2013

Textures of L.A.

Architectural wall textures are some of my fave things.  I'm especially fond of the poured concrete walls of the 1960's.  
There are other types of textures that I like too:  The texture of rotting wood and peeling paint; decorative stones; layers of stickers on a wall; light designs and of course yarny stitch patterns.  Here are a few.

Rotting Wood and Peeling Paint We have lots of this!
Decorative Rocky Mountain Stone wall @ Pann's Restaurant, Ladera Hts.
Layers of Vinyl Stickers @ Wahoo's, Miracle Mile
Photographic Light Wall, Umami Burger @ The Grove
Yarny Texture.  Basketweave Stitch.  My Current Sweater Project.

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