Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dollhouse of My Dreams

When I was a little girl I had a very simple dollhouse.  It was a two storey tin box, traditional style, with adequate furniture.  It was on the smallish side, but I loved it for awhile.  

My Doll House resembled this one

The very next year my cousin was gifted the Barbie Dream House!  Wow!  Barbie had a mid-century modern home with very cool furniture AND she fit inside her house!  Barbie looked like the Amazon Woman next to my dollhouse.  The scale was way off.  I never did receive a Barbie Dream House.  I guess my parents knew that my interests would be directed elsewhere very soon.
Barbie's Hip Mid-Century House

On Saturday, Larry and I drove to the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood to see the new Wes Anderson film,  "Grand Budapest Hotel."  It seems that Anderson could not find a suitable hotel to stand in for his vision of the Grand Budapest Hotel of the 1930s, so he had a model built.  The interiors of the hotel were shot in various buildings and sound stages.
The model for the "Grand Budapest Hotel" was sitting in the lobby of the ArcLight Theater!  THIS is the doll house of my dreams!  
Barbie Would Be Happy Here
The Railway Station Stop and Greenhouse are in front of the Hotel

Lots of Photos Were Being Taken of the Model Hotel

The movie was highly entertaining, full of Andersonian asides, quips, shtick and a convoluted but engrossing story.  Anderson's group of regular actors is always excellent.  I was enthralled with the set design, costumes and make-up.  I might have to see the movie again, just to get all of the witty repartee AND to see that magnificent "doll house" again! 

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I love WA. Now THAT is a dollhouse.


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