Friday, May 09, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday - Mom

Here we are in front of our house on Castle Heights Avenue in Beverlywood.  I'm a few months old and my brother, Ken is 7 years old.  Mom is 30.  The house is still there, looking almost exactly the same.  My Dad designed this home.  It's very different from the other tract houses on the street.  We moved from Beverlywood, less than a mile to Beverly Hills when I was 2 years old, so I don't remember living in this house.  I drive by all the time and wonder what it must look like inside.  Sadly, we only have photos of the outside, front and back, no interior shots.  Sigh.
Mother's Day is this Sunday.  Don't forget!  Mom loves to go to coffee shops.  This Sunday we'll be going to one a bit off her usual route.  We're going to 25 Degrees, the coffee shop at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  After breakfast, we'll head across the street to Hollywood & Highland, walk around, peruse the shops, gawk at the tourists and maybe have a dessert cream puff at Beard Papa's!  Oh yeah!  I know how to show my Mom a good time!
Even if your Mom is gone, take some time to remember her this Sunday

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