Thursday, July 31, 2014


Ellen's Pom-Poms with Pom-Pom Maker

My yarny group, the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch has been obsessed with pom-poms lately.  One of our members, Sarah Sparkle is getting married to Leon in a few weeks and she asked for our help in making pom-poms for her wedding.  I believe she's going to use the poms instead of rice for guests to throw at the happily wedded couple.  Many poms may also decorate the reception tables.
Leon and Sarah Pom-Pom

Let me tell you, poms are coming out of my ears.  They're not easy to wrangle.  They pop up and slip out all over the place!  We must contain the pom-poms!
Ellen's Medium-Sized Pom-Poms

Sarah highlighted a method of making pom-poms with a standard dinner fork.  This is an effective way to create poms, insuring a uniform size.  HOWEVER, I just happen to own various sized pom-pom makers by the Clover Company.  I have found that using the pom-pom maker really enhances the shape of my poms!  Of course, you can just wrap yarn around an old piece of curved cardboard, tie it off, cut the pom and then trim it the old-fashioned way.

Another WeHo SnB member, Suzette, made teensy, tiny pom-poms.  They are totally adorable!  These teensy poms must have been really difficult to tame.  I'm betting that Suzette will find a few poms under her couch or between the cushions!
Suzette's Perfect, Teensy Pom-Poms

I like these pom-poms so much, that I even used them to top a head-band!  I wore the head-band to Sarah's bridal shower and then gave it to her so she could wear it during her pre or post-wedding activities.  Hmmm?  Maybe this pom-pom headband could be part of Sarah's wedding veil!?!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

License to Snap

I saw this plate at Griffith Park.  I love the "hand" sign used for BACKRUB!

My reporters in the field are on the case!  Thanks to Brenda and Diane for snapping a few vanity license plates for my blog!  I've been seeing quite a few fun plates too!

El Segundo Slipt Stitch Guild Member!

Brenda's Dog Lover

Seen in Diane's Church Parking Lot on a Tesla!

Brenda's Beverly Hills sighting

Brenda found this seamstress's plate to go with my knit enthusiast, above!

Thanks for making blog-writing so easy, Ladies!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Small Projects

It's hot.  I don't want to have a heavy, yarny project sitting in my lap!  This muggy weather we're having in Los Angeles right now is NOT conducive to knitting and/or crocheting anything of size.  I still NEED to crochet and knit however.  Solution:  Make dish cloths.  They're cotton, they're small, they're lightweight.  I do love giving friends dish cloths and tawashi, paired with fancy soap for gifts.  So, even though I just finished making five dish cloths for our annual Ravelry swap, I'm still obsessed with dish cloths and potholders!
Here are a few great dish cloth patterns for YOU to try:

Kitchen Lovelies

Grit Stitch Dish Cloth

Super Simple Tawashi Flower

Crochet Rooster

Squares Dishcloth #8

2-Hearts Coaster

Click on each caption to find a link to the patterns.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiki Pop

Tiki Couples

We attended this event yesterday:
Tiki historian Sven Kirsten (author of "Book of Tiki" and the newly released "Tiki Pop") will give an illustrated presentation about the charismatic world traveler, raconteur and unrivaled cocktail master, Donn Beach (aka Ernest Gantt). Creator of the world's first tiki bar, Don the Beachcomber, (originally located on McCadden Place across the street from the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood!), is credited with inventing over 80 cocktails such as the Zombie and the MIssionary's Downfall.
Following the presentation is a book signing of Sven’s latest book "Tiki Pop, America Imagines Its Own Polynesian Paradise", published by Tashen in conjunction with an ongoing exhibition at the prestigious Musée du quai Branly in Paris, France.
The 1958 film ENCHANTED ISLAND will screen following the lecture:
Join us in the lobby during the break between the presentation and film for a Tiki Cocktail tasting sponsored by Deadhead Rum. (An exotic tropical, non-alcoholic beverage will be available as well.)  Wear your finest Tiki gear!

Oh my!  What a huge gathering of Polynesian Pop fans!  I haven't seen so many Hawaiian prints together since we visited Hawaii!  It was a really fun afternoon and evening.  We met up with many of our friends from the Modern Committee, along with making new friends.  Sven's presentation was very informative.

Tonga Hut People
There were vendors in the Egyptian Theater's courtyard selling Hawaiiana; handbags, shirts, dresses and more.  It was all very tropical.  Our Los Angeles weather yesterday felt very humid and tropical, just like Hawaii!

Machine "Crochet" Aloha Shirt

The film, "Enchanted Island," was NOT fab, but it was mildly entertaining.  The scenery in the movie was alluring.  I couldn't quite believe Jane Powell as a Polynesian cannibal princess, but this was the 1958 Hollywood version of Herman Melville's story, "Typee." 
Mark and Charles

Author, Sven Kirsten
LOVE these eyeglasses!

Another pair of excellent sunglasses
Naomi, Kieran, Marsha sampling Polynesian Cocktails

Mr. and Mrs. Tiki

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday

1940, Wilshire and San Vicente, L.A., Dick Whittington Studio, USC Photo Collection

I wish Van de Kamp's was still on the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente!  Here are a few vintage photos of the corner, on the eastern edge of Beverly Hills.
1967, Wilshire and San Vicente, VLA Digital Collection

I vaguely remember this particular Van de Kamp's (it was a chain restaurant), but I REALLY remember the Van de Kamp's located at Masselin Avenue, a bit further east on Wilshire Boulevard on the Miracle Mile.  We used to eat there often after shopping trips to May Company and Ohrbach's.
In the mid-1970's my ex-husband used to take his dinner break from his job as tennis court manager at La Cienega Park at Dick Webster's Coffee Shop, this branch, located on this very spot, Wilshire and San Vicente. 
Today, there's a Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf at one end of the complex and a bar/restaurant at the other end, with little shops in-between.  The footprint of this building is basically the same.
2014, Wilshire and San Vicente, Google Maps Capture

We need more coffee shop/restaurants on Wilshire Boulevard!!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seen Near 7th & Alvarado, L.A.

Last week, Larry and I had a delicious pastrami sandwich at Langer's Deli, near MacArthur Park.  Instead of taking yet another photo of our yummy food and the interior of the deli, I snapped a few shots outside and in nearby shop windows.
Building Detail

Beer Can Man

While we were eating our sandwich, I saw this woman march to the back of the restaurant.  After awhile, she emerged and walked to the front with an unmistakeable gait.  I assume she visited the ladies room.  When she passed by our booth, I looked into her eyes and grinned.  She winked at me.  I recognized PAM GRIER!  You cannot miss her distinctive walk, plus she's gorgeous.  Check out the Pam Grier "walk" at about 1:44 in this video.   Once we were outside, we crossed the street and looked back at Langer's.  There was a line outside to gain entry.  Pam was in the line, reading a magazine.  I kinneared  this faraway shot of her.  What a star!  I love that she was waiting in line at Langer's for lunch!
Pam Grier, waiting in line at Langer's Deli

It was a memorable afternoon with lots of interesting sights!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Totes Adorbs!

It takes very little to make me happy:  A pretty color yarn, a good hair day, a new Trader Joe's tote bag!!!!

I was very excited when I received a regional TJ's bag from my friend, Carla in Texas.  It seems TJ's has issued a few more state bags.  I have the Southern California bag.  My friend Shayne is visiting her brother in Northern California and picked me up a NoCal bag.
Southern California
Northern California

I did a mini-search online and have found out that there are totes for various locations:  New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona and probably more.  I hear that a New Mexico bag is on it's way.  Sorry for the poor photo quality of the other bags, I had to swipe them from the net.

But wait, I found this bag online too!!!!  Oh no, I cannot handle the excitement.  Trader Joe's has issued a USC tote bag too?  Where can I get one?

Fight On!

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