Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Learning to Use My Camera

Last spring I purchased a sweet little Canon Elph Power Shot camera.  I wanted something small and easy to handle with better lens capability than my phone.  I took my new Canon on our vacation to Louisiana and was very pleased with my photos.
Sometimes, when I shove my camera in my pocket or into my purse, I switch up the settings on the top.  There is an AUTO mode, SPECIAL EFFECTS mode and MOVIE.  The Special Effects mode takes 6 rapid shots, using different filters.  Ack!  This might be a nice feature for some photographers, but I like to do my editing on the computer, not in-camera.  
Multiple Snap/Special Effects Mode

I had the button switched to Special Effects when we were walking down Alameda Street on Sunday afternoon, on our way to lunch.  Here are the results:
"Normal" Mode.  I like this stark, white building with orange awnings only on one floor.

This one is kinda' cool

"Normal" Mode.  LAPD Auto Lot

One of these days, I'll learn about ALL of the features that this little camera offers! 

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