Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Central Coast

Mary Jane's and Bob's House, Templeton, CA

I'm getting a LOT of blog mileage out of our 3-day weekend retreat.  After leaving Bakersfield on Saturday we wandered on one of those farmy, blue highways over to San Luis Obispo.  An old blues guy I once knew used to call this lovely little city, Saint Louis Nabisco.  I've called it that ever since.
Bob and Mary Jane

We just had enough time after checking into our hotel to clean-up and get ready for Mary Jane's 80th birthday party.  Mary Jane was married to my Dad's cousin, Marty.  Marty passed away decades ago, but we're still family, close to Mary Jane's kids, Kristy and Craig and like to celebrate milestones together.
Mary Jane and her current husband, Bob live in a lovely area of Templeton, California.  It's about 20 minutes north of SLO.  

Cousins!  Marty Talmy and George Bloom, Chicago, 1942

The next generation:  Linda, Larry, Kristy, Jo, Jessica and Craig
Mary Jane's and Bob's Backyard, Templeton, CA

When we arrived, the party was in full swing.  The yard was filled with friends and family, food and drink.  We got right into the action and started having a great time.  There was a wonderful catered dinner, along with a sumptuous birthday cake.  We started out only knowing the members of our family, but by the end of the party we were friends with everyone!  It was a warm and wonderful gathering.
THE NEXT MORNING we woke up to the sounds of the City to the Sea Half-Marathon outside our hotel door.  Before hitting the road back to Los Angeles, we decided to drive down the block to the PINK PINK Madonna Inn for breakfast.  

Everyone in town had the same idea.  The Coffee Shop at the Madonna was packed.  What a vision.  Everything in this place is over-the-top, overdone and really pink and cute.  Hello Kitty should have her convention here.  Here's a little bit about the history of the hotel and facilities. It's quite unique.

Breakfast was tasty.  We walked around the hotel, restaurant, bar and banquet rooms to take a few photos.
The gift shop is full of glitzy items.  I already own 4 Madonna Inn water goblets in pink and light green.  I added 4 more to my collection in pink and aqua.
The night before there had been an OktoberFest party in the main dining room and bar.  I didn't see any leftovers from the party.  The area was spotless!
Madonna Inn Dining Room

We arrived back in Los Angeles at around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon.  We had a really grand mini-vacation!

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