Friday, November 07, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday. It was the 70s

I've been rummaging through the closet, looking for old photos from the mid 1970s to mid 1980s.  These are the years that I worked at 20th Century Fox Studios.  My friend, Joe posted a photo of me on a company fishing trip from 1979 with two of my co-workers that has me sporting a windy perm.  Ack!  All that brown curly hair was crazy!
1978.  Fox Fishing Trip, Santa Barbara.  Louie, Ellen and Jean-Pierre

I've been looking for photos of my Fox friends from those years.  So far, I haven't found those golden albums, but I did come across a few faboo photos from 1974 and 1975!
1974.  Del Rey Yacht Club Dock Party with Roz and George

1974. My Apartment on Pico @ Roxbury with my besties, Shayne and Leah

1974. Some Lovely Garden, holding my ex-husband's brown leather jacket.  That's sooo 1974!

When are you going to clean out your closets and find all of those golden oldie photos?  Have a great weekend.

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At 1:20 PM PST, Blogger janeray1940 said...

I LOVE all that brown curly hair! I had that same perm, probably around that exact same year. A rare moment in hair history when us curlier girls weren't pressured to tame our hair into submission :)


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