Thursday, December 25, 2014

Brunch, December 25th

The house was scoured, scrubbed, dusted and swept.  Everything was in place for our Christmas Day brunch.  Mom, Rhoda, Audrey and Jeff came over at the appointed time and we had a lovely day!

Brunch was yummy!  We had lox, white fish salad, bagels, cream cheese, the accompanying veggies, fruit salad, deviled eggs, mimosa, coffee and more.  Rhoda brought the very BEST ruggulah from Diamond Bakery!

Audrey, Jeff, Ellen Rhoda, Roz
Rhoda, Roz, Larry, Audrey and Jeff

Everyone received gifties.  There was much frivolity.  

Thank you for all of the beautiful holiday cards!

Thank you to my friends, Mom and Larry for making this such a fun day.  I'm exhausted!

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