Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Destination Donut

Yikes!  I'm really NOT a sweets eater. I'm more of a savory lady. Give me a good hunk of cheese and a crusty roll and I'm happy. HOWEVER, last week, during National Donut Day, I kept reading about this shop on the Westside of Los Angeles called Primo's Westdale Donuts. Primo's has been at this location since 1956. I was born on the Westside. I've lived here ALL of my life. How come I've never heard about Primo's? Actually, I'm glad I've never heard about Primo's. I'd be a raging diabetic by now. There really is very little nutritional value to a donut!

Other pastries are available at Primo's

Maple-Bacon Donuts

I guess because it was National Donut Day, we felt that it was OK to eat donuts to commemorate this made-up holiday. So, on Saturday morning, the date AFTER National Donut Day, Larry and I made our way over to the very Westside to pay a visit to Primo's. The day after the DAY seemed to be quite popular too.  Mrs. Primo said that they sold out on Friday and were scrambling just to keep up with the demand.
Primo's is a small, unassuming shop. It's ALL about the donuts!

I'd read that their buttermilk bar was sublime. Luckily, a tray, hot out of the oven, had just been set out. Larry and I both had a buttermilk bar. SWOON.  The tangy buttermilk dough, along with the crispy, sugary exterior....warm...was incredible. I'd never tasted such a delicious donut in my life. Really.
Primo's Buttermilk Bar

Again, there really is NO nutritional value to a donut, but they sure taste good!
Looks like, after almost 60 years in business, Primo's is a success!

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At 4:02 PM PDT, Blogger Jill said...

I love Primo's! I especially like the pretzel donut that feels even more indulgent than a regular giant donut for some reason (although it is like $2+). Sometimes I'll go around noon on a Saturday and they have a limited selection already. I guess I need to get there earlier!

At 4:31 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

This place is great! I can't believe I didn't know about it! I try NOT to drive down Sawtelle for this reason.


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