Thursday, July 30, 2015

Photo Mural - Gone

Photo Mural by Estevan Oriol, January 2012. Painted Over 2015.

We don't have tons of murals in our neighborhood.  There are a few notable ones, like the   "Fairfax Community Mural" @ Canter's Deli, West Hollywood, by Art Mortimer, 1985, depicting the history of Jewish life in Los Angeles. There's the "Lakers Legends" mural on Redondo Blvd. just south of Pico.  We also have murals on the sides of buildings commemorating the lost lives of neighborhood activists. Of course, many of the little neighborhood markets have paintings on their exteriors of the food available inside their stores.
The mural of the beautiful girl on the side of the tire store at Pico and Ogden, just east of Fairfax Avenue disappeared!
5018 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles. 2012

5018 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles.  2015
Apparently, a new tire company took over the building and painted over the mural. Sigh.

I researched the signature on the mural and found out that Estevan Oriol is a photographer. So, this mural is a painterly photo / digital transfer. I'm still wondering who actually painted this beautiful girl! I suppose it's just a digitally maneuvered photo to appear like a painting. Even though this is a tire and repair shop, the mural was a bright spot on this drab block of West Pico Boulevard. I'm sad that it's gone. 
Re-painting in progress. Photo from Google Maps, 2015.

We have many car repair and accessory shops along this stretch of Pico, between Fairfax and La Brea. Slowly the area is changing. More coffee houses, restaurants and small shops are moving in. After living here for almost 25 years, it's nice to be able to walk down the street for dinner at a smart cafe. My 'hood isn't gentrifying quickly enough for me though. I'm ready for Zankou Chicken and a yarn shop, please.
Adios pretty Cholita!

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At 5:06 PM PDT, Blogger ms. newbill said...

the script in the background looks like other murals by Retna. He is a graffiti artist from LA.
He has a big one on La Cienega south of the 10 fwy, and a building on Lincoln near Samo High. Sad that this beautiful work is gone.

At 5:09 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, Karyn...I've seen similar work before too. I wish the tire company had incorporated their signage within the mural instead of destroying it. Sigh.

At 12:11 AM PDT, Blogger simplygailc said...

Ms. newbill has a good eye.


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